UKHab survey


The UK Habitat Classification System (UKHab) is a recent, hierarchical approach to classifying terrestrial habitats which may be found across the UK. It is most frequently used to support baseline assessments of habitats, including baseline Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments.

Our Director is familiar with all major UK terrestrial habitat types, including cryptic habitats which require specialist knowledge to adequately distinguish, and is one of fewer than 40 people across Britain to have received a FISC Level 6. This indicates a person with ‘excellent identification skills likely to be commissioned nationally for surveying’.

The optimal period for UKHab field survey is typically between May-September. However, our Director is highly experienced in vegetative plant identification skills and we are able to offer UKHab survey outside of this period.

While British Botany are able to offer Phase 1 habitat survey, this is a rapid habitat assessment which has been largely replaced by UKHab and is not recommended for development schemes. The benefits of UKHab over Phase 1 may be summarised as follows:

  • Greater accuracy of habitat identification with less room for disagreement
  • Significantly better workability between UKHab and Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Improved translation to priority and other high-value habitats

Where more detailed information on habitats is required and/or the potential presence of priority, Annex I or irreplaceable habitats has been highlighted, a National Vegetation Classification survey may be appropriate.

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