About Us

Drawing on a life-long interest in plants, I have decided to begin British Botany, an online botanical training platform. Here, whether you're an ecologist, conservation practitioner or just want to know more about the wonderful world of plants, I hope that there is something marvellous here for you! 


A little more about me...

From an early age, I have been fascinated with the natural world, particularly including plants, and the interconnections between them and other organisms. This glorious obsession carried over into my teens, where I later became a wildlife sites surveyor for my local Wildlife Trust, amassing lots of knowledge from the fabulous surveyors that were alongside me. 

After college, I decided to enrol onto the BSc Ecology course at Edge Hill University. It has always been very difficult for me to keep still, and by the time that the third year of my undergraduate degree came about, I had found myself in a research position, balancing three separate jobs and a number of voluntary roles alongside my studying commitments. All of this led me to become even closer to plants than I had been during my childhood, and was all a tremendous in securing a graduate role at an ecology consultancy in the area.

Since graduation, I'm now operating as a FISC Level 6 senior ecologist four days a week (read more about the FISC here: https://bsbi.org/field-skills), am project coordinator for a regional conservation programme that I have founded, NWRPI, and am even involved in occasional broadcasting work for the likes of Springwatch, Channel 4, the Guardian and Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Training as part of continued professional development is a critical element of any job, and I hope that you enjoy these training courses as much as I enjoy running them!

I have created these courses and recordings with pride and I am so glad that I can present them to a community that I am so proud to be apart of.